About project

19. 8. 2019

Clairo is a pilot research project whose main objective is to systematically reduce air pollution through comprehensive planning and greenery planting with a positive impact on air quality. The project is being implemented in cooperation with other project partners – Moravian-Silesian Region, Technical University of Ostrava, Silesian University in Opava, Palacky University Olomouc, Regional Association of Territorial Cooperation of Teschen Silesia and SOBIC Smart and Open Base for Innovations in European Cities.

What activities does the project consist of?

The project activities can be divided into three steps. In the first step of the research, measurements will be carried out, which will enable to acquire important data about concentrations of atmospheric pollutants. For this purpose, we have installed measuring sensors in a place of new greenery. The sensors are powered by solar energy and send data every five minutes to the central station in the area of a technical university, where the data are evaluated and displayed in a database.

The collection and analysis of data, which will run during all seasons and under different climatic conditions, is essential for the second part of the project – for the creation of structure and composition of new greenery. An accurate measurement will help to select plants that are more resistant and will be able to capture more dust particles in the long term. At the same time, scientists are convinced that watering these air-filtering plants by special greenery care increases their hardiness and absorption capacity.

If the positive impact of planted greenery on air quality is confirmed, the same approach will be applied to other areas within Moravian-Silesian Region. A methodology will be an important tool for spreading know-how – it will serve as a guide for cities. We also want to share gained knowledge and experience during a seminar for experts and city representatives. Our aim is that the results of the research will help cities to decide what types of plants choose for planting, not only in Ostrava but also in other European cities. 



Planting site Radvanice and Bartovice (August 2021).

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Total project budget: EUR 2,591,879.60

EU subsidy (ERDF): EUR 2 073 503.68

Co-financing of Ostrava and Moravian-Silesian Region: EUR 518 375.92

Project duration: November 2018 – April 2022